Oak Park Copper
Yarraman Metals is a north Queensland-focussed mineral exploration company dedicated to discovering world-class mineral deposits.
Oak Park Copper Project
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  • Significant copper belt – 26 km trend of copper in soil anomalies and numerous outcropping gossans
  • No systematic exploration between 1990s to 2022 – historical work by Newmont, BHP, MIM; Historical drilling (inc. 20.7m at 0.34% Cu)
  • Overlooked sediment hosted copper system with steeply-dipping, stratiform copper mineralisation (26 km long)
  • 2022 exploration defined three drill ready prospects
  • Several large soil anomalies detected; soil assays up to 1.68% Cu
  • Repeatable rock chip assays ranging 3% to 19% Cu
  • ~1000 km2 land package 360 km from Townville via sealed roads


  • Located in the southern Georgetown Inlier in Northeast Qld
  • Nearby deposits:
    Kidston (5 Moz Au),
    Woolgar (1.9 Moz Au),
    Mount Hogan (Au),
    Kaiser Bill (Cu-Au),
    Balcooma (Cu-Zn),
    Thalanga (Zn-Cu-Pb)
  • Access across tenure via good roads and station tracks (25km from bitumen road)
  • 120km via sealed road to established rail infrastructure
  • Within Yarraman Metals’ 3-tenement ‘Juntala Project’ - PROJ0190
  • Exploration leases granted to Yarraman Metals Late-2021 for 5 years

Geological Setting

  • Numerous copper-rich gossans and outcrops of disseminated chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite and malachite within steeply dipping calcsilicate diopside gneiss
  • Mineralisation occurs near the contact with overlying pelitic biotite-sillimanite gneiss
  • Strong copper anomalies (up to 400m wide) detected in soils (up to 0.69% Cu; portable XRF) and termite mound samples (up to 1.68% Cu; Ultrafine) coincident with a 26 km magnetic feature
  • Paleoproterozoic-aged (~1750 Ma) mineral system
  • Sediment-hosted copper system geological similarities to world class provinces (e.g. Zambian Copper Belt, Kupferschiefer)

Extensive 2022 field season defined three drill-ready targets from 2038 XRF analyses, 1195 ultra fine assays, 83 rock chip assays and extensive mapping.

Snake Gossan
  • Historical drill interval of 20.7m at 0.34% Cu (including 10.5m at 0.55% Cu) from 40m
  • Identical costean assays, confirming mineralisation continuity at depth
Battle Ridge (discovered in 2022)
  • 300m x 30m soil anomaly (up to 0.69% Cu in soil)
  • Rock chip assays: up to 5.3% Cu, up to 5.33g/t Au, up to 15.2 g/t Ag
Underwood (discovered in 2022)
  • Quartz-baryte gossan containing up 22% chalcocite
  • Rock chip assays: 16.3-18.7% Cu, 0.38-0.62g/t Au, 30-34 g/t Ag

➊ Snake Gossan

  • Found by Newmont, 1976
  • Historical drill interval of 20.7 m at 0.34% Cu(including 10.5 m at 0.55% Cu) from 40 m (Newmont, 1978). Identical costean assays
  • Fieldwork in 2022 identified >400 m zone of soils/termite mounds with highly elevated copper values over more than 1.5 km of strike
  • Ultrafine assays identified up to 1.68% copper in the clay fraction from termite mounds
  • Multielement Ultrafine assays confirm and extend historical soil copper and Zinc anomalies
Snake Gossan: Limonitic gossan with boxwork texture after sulphides

➋ Battle Ridge Prospect

  • Discovered in 2022
  • 300 m x 30 m soil anomaly (up to 0.69% Cu in soil)
  • Rock chip assays: up to 5.3% Cu, up to 5.33g/t Au, up to 15.2 g/t Ag
  • Broad area of oxidized calcsilicate gneiss
  • Extensive, disseminated malachite and azurite mineralisation
Oxidised calcsilicate gneiss - 5.3 wt% Cu, 1.35 g/t Au, 3.15 g/t Ag

➌ Underwood Prospect

  • Discovered in 2022
  • Baryte-quartz gossan containing up 22% chalcocite
  • Multiple rock chip assays: 16.3-18.7% Cu, 0.38-0.62g/t Au, 30-34 g/t Ag, 22-32 g/t In
  • Surrounded by a significant soil/termite mound copper anomaly which sits on the regional copper trend
18 wt% Cu (as chalcocite & malachite)

Project Advantages

Low Lead mineralisation (<60ppm)
Good mining widths (10-20m Cu-Au-Ag)
Good geometry – steep dips
Strong copper prospectivity with significant precious metal credits
From bitumen road
Flat to undulating terrain
By road to rail infrastructure
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Supportive locals

The Team

Alastair Haldane
Director • Msc Eng, Bsc, GAICD
Alastair is a geologist and chemical engineer with over 20 years’ experience in technical and company directorship roles. Prior to founding Yarraman Metals Pty Ltd, Alastair has founded several successful companies across the resources and labour hire spaces.

Alastair commenced his career with BHP and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Gordon Webb
Principal Geologist • PhD
Gordon Webb is a geologist with over 20 years’ experience in the exploration, mining, academia, and government sectors. Gordon has extensive experience working in Proterozoic basement terrains in Australia and overseas, and has specialist knowledge in metamorphic and magmatic systems, geochemistry, and structural geology.

Gordon has held senior project roles and been involved with all stages of exploration (from first-mover greenfields exploration to proven resource drill-outs). Gordon holds a PhD in Geochemistry from the University of Melbourne and is a member of the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.

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